by The Scatter

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released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


The Scatter Seattle, Washington

We love God, we love people, and we love music!

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Track Name: Threadbare
Suitcase of dreams
The tank full of hope
Unending streets
But no footsteps to follow

I climb in a tree
as I watch the heavens pass
My heart is threadbare
Like the sweater on my back

With city lights behind
The darkness unrestrained
They number in the billions
But You know them all by name

empty backseat
Sun and wind on my face
I see an unfamiliar friend
On the side of the highway

He looks in his drink
As he pauses to think
About the time that he spent
As quickly as it went

So I paint him a picture
Of things I’ve never seen
hope is like believing
that there’s water in the sea
oh there’s water in the sea

Still haven’t looked for
What I’ve already found
So I head out again
Into the open road

I can never sing the same song
The same way twice
Cos’ everyday’s been different
Since you’ve given me this life

Let the cold of the winter
The heat of the summer
The passion of the Lover
Find me again and again
Track Name: You Alone
We welcome You
To come and fill this place
Spirit of God
Come and have Your way

We lay our crowns
To worship You
Be lifted up
Risen one, Son of God

Holy are You
Precious Lamb of God
All Glory to You
Who was, and is, is to come

Alone on that cross
On Calvary’s hill
Your innocence betrayed
The day that heaven stood still

The Lord has triumphed over death
And we are all His witnesses
We live to see Your kingdom come
Our lives to let Your will be done

We are not home yet
He will soon return
That at the name of Jesus
Every knee will bow
Track Name: Prodigal
when you feel like all you’ve done
is but a web, so carefully spun
and all you’ve got inside is spent
never knowing where it all went

what do you do?
where do you go?
was i ever meant for someone like you?
someone just like you...

when your life becomes undone
and your thoughts tell you to run
from the promises you’ve never kept
this forgiveness you cant accept

what do you do?
where do you go?
from this love you don’t deserve, i’m dying to know...

how do You love, how do You love
how do You love someone like me

My heart is telling me to go home
im so tired of being alone
but I'm afraid of what You’ll say
i dont deserve to see Your face

But You come with open arms
with open arms
How could this love be
for a reckless wretch like me

O How You love, O How You love
O How You love someone like me
Track Name: Dying to Believe
the things that i say
that i believe
why aren’t they changing me
i know this isn’t really me
i must be in a fantasy

so why oh why
why do i sit
in this complacency
im dying to believe

pressure on the wound
i might be dying soon
i cant go on like this
You kill me with the truth
Your resurrection’s proof
now i belong to You
whatever You want me to do
ill do

this mess that i made
i can explain
i never learned to pray
to live this life with urgency
to share my love with family

You and I
could never be happy
with things that were meant to be
You and I
are satisfied by Love that died
to set us free