Rough Cuts

by The Scatter

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This actually isnt an album but the two versions of the song!


released January 9, 2012

Ecclesiastes (Rough)
Sam: Words, Music, Vocals, Acoustic
Mastered by J.O.

Ecclesiastes (Final)
Sam: Words, Music, Vocals, Acoustic
Joon: Mandolin, Electric guitar
Danny: Bass
Mastered by J.O.

All recording and mixing done at Sam's by Sam.



all rights reserved


The Scatter Seattle, Washington

We love God, we love people, and we love music!

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Track Name: Ecclesiastes (rough)
Life is brief, life is certain
Like a mist that forms
on your shower curtain

Life is good, life is true
Like a saving breathe given
not a moment too soon

And when you fall,
get back up
And run to the One
who loves you so

The more know, the more you sorrow
There’s a time to scatter,
and a time to gather

Naked from the womb, naked we depart
Those who love their money,
will never, ever have enough

Fear God
Keep His commandments
Enjoy what you’ve got
till you run out of time...
Track Name: My One and Only (rough)
What can i compose, a poem or a prose,
that which hasn't reached heavens ears?
What could i design, that would not fall short
of the Glory of Your Majesty?

Who am I that You’d be mindful of me?

So I stand, In awe of You
Silenced, I behold Your Glory
Jesus, I belong to You
As You crown/hold me, You’re my one and only
I’m now in love with You my one and only

What can my heart pray, what could I say,
to move the reigning heart of eternity?
what could i lay down, what could i sacrifice
that hasn’t first been freely given to me?

What could i discover of Your mystery
that which hasn’t been made known to me?
what song could i sing, to bring offering,
as a pleasing fragrance to my King?

how divine, O how great
is Your name in all the earth
and i stand so amazed
in the sight of something extraordinary
Track Name: folk song (rough)
what if i died
before i could make things right
what if my time
was never on my side
oh You are
ever on my side

you dont need
to be perfect
you dont need
to have yourself figured out
run to His arms
from where you are

now that I’ve died
You make all things right
lay down my pride
blood and water from Your side
from Your side
You light up my life

run to His arms
from where you are
we are weak
but He is strong
Track Name: These Roses (rough)
yesterday feels like
a black and white photograph
promise me you wont think
about a single thing they’ve said
to you
if you dont know what to do

hold these roses to
your face and take them in
fall into this moment now
hold your head up to
the clouds and take them in
as everything else begins to fade

as surely as life goes
on and as the skies
reflect the burdens of
the changing seasons of our lives
our lives

im burning them away
the things you never meant to say
the colors bleed out to the edges
i dont feel the flames anymore
Track Name: Back In Love (rough)
you think you know exactly
what you want and
what you need
but everything that you’ve been chasin’ ‘round

is bringing you down
as you’re gasping for air
all that you’ve known
was never really there

im in love with the One who loves
i throw myself in the arms
of your grace and mercy
all i wanna see
all i wanna be
with is You

how many times do i
need to feel Your scars to know
that everything that i’ve been chasin’ ‘round
is bringing me down

You satisfy me
all that i need all that i need
With You i am complete
how could i not