Lost Without Love

by The Scatter

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released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


The Scatter Seattle, Washington

We love God, we love people, and we love music!

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Track Name: Captured
a sad thought finds its way into my world
and i dont know what to do
im trying to forget a part of me
that belongs to you

like the time that were soaking standing in the rain
its the way the night comes and i am still awake
only time time can tell when all of this will fade away
fade away

i remember when her make up stained my shirt
it was the only thing that was captured
from the night before
from the night before

sometimes i feel like i have been on display
im trying to figure out why
im so bound by you

there’s a part of me that belongs to you
a part of me that belongs to you
there’s a part of me that belongs to you
a part of me that belongs to you

i can feel the past
welling up in my eyes...
Track Name: In Reverie

i’m closing my eyes
to keep thoughts of you
from streaming down my face
im fighting now
to somehow keep us alive
cause i know ill never find
someone like you again

i never thought id fall so hard
i never want to get back again
you came so unexpectedly
and now im finding myself
in reverie of you

im losing my mind
i cant keep it off of you
wont let me let go of you
a broken record player
plays my sad sad song
i wake up in the darkness
and turn the lights back on

and girl i miss you more
each passing day and i
i look outside, the skies
are still so gray
and i wish you were right here right now im
so in love with you
and as the clouds begin to move
ill see the sun shine down on you,
ill see the sun shine down on you
shine down on you
(ill see the sun shine down) on you
Track Name: Love, Marionette
trying to find love in all the wrong places
trying to find comfort where it doesnt belong
never thought itd be so hard to guard this heart
you deserve unbroken promises

but night after night after day
i fall down, i forget
the beauty of your perfect love
and this my greatest regret

take me away
in your arms
carry me home
i dont belong
here in this world

i try to find a way to fill the empty spaces
and i try to make her feel the way that i feel
but something inside of me says im not impressed
cause you deserve an undivided heart

but night after night after day
i fall down, i forget
the power of your perfect peace
i wanna be your love, marionette

and if at all possible
come as soon as you can
and if i may add another thing
could you come right now
Track Name: Paintings
Wouldn’t it be nice if I can find the perfect way to say
What I really mean to say without falling apart
And when I get old all my stories will be told
Like the paintings on the walls of my lonely heart

I try but I can’t get over you
I try but I can’t let go of you
I try but I can’t get over you
Over you

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could turn the hands of time
Rewinding us back to where we were when we saw the sunrise
I remember the cold it the was the only thing that let me know
I wasn’t dreaming up another day dream
Track Name: Miles
what do you do
when you feel like a fool
and there is nothing you can do
to make it go away

maybe time will tell
put me under a spell
and take me away to
rearrange the way i see myself

not running away
expecting things to change
with the scenery
even though ill always be a fool
learning not to break so many rules
i’m not afraid to say that i’m
here to stay

i wish it were true
the skies knew only blue
that lovers never end
as if love was just a trend
then hearts would never have to mend

but as long as you and i
never lose the will to try
you’ll always be worth my time
you’ll be the bluest of my skies
Track Name: See You Again
Every time I hear my phone ring
There’ll be someone that I am missing
If only I could tell you one last thing

I know you’re in a better place now
to live without you, I’ll never know how
I miss the things we used to talk about

I miss you and I love, love you

Its crazy how the times have gone by
Every “hi” “goodbye” and “goodnight”
O what I’d give to see your smile again

forever here in my heart you’ll be
all that you have done and shown me
words cannot express the pain I feel

I’ll see you again
Someday in heaven
Where you’re still breathin
Track Name: Ecclesiastes
life is brief, life is certain
like a mist that forms on your shower curtain
life’s a gift, life is true
like a saving breathe given not a moment too soon

and when you fall
get back up // and run to the one
who loves you so

the more you know, the more you sorrow
there is a time to scatter and a time to gather
naked from the womb, naked we depart
those who love their money will never have enough

fear God // keep His commandments
enjoy what you’ve got
till you run out of // time

life is sweet life is borrowed
like your mothers summer shirt hanging out to dry one last time